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F-1 hybrid seeds company

Sagar biotech private limited is one of the best seeds company in India

We provide best quality seeds of Watermelon, Muskmelon, Marigold and vegetables.

At Sagar Biotech Pvt Ltd, we're dedicated to providing you with the finest quality seeds for all your Farming needs.

We are the market leaders from last 15 years in our best quality products like Sagar king watermelon, vijay muskmelon,Shravani cucumber, Naresh tinda, shruti cucumber and Prachi chilli.

We always provide best services to our farmers to get higher yield and get success in their crop.

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Our Story

Two farmers brothers started company in 2008 at Khopala village in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state, They faced difficulties in watermelon farming at their own farm and faced major losses and they realize that how much farmers have to face the losses and even after working hard cant make profit at least of seeds cost.
They came up with the idea and decided to start a seeds company and to provide best quality seeds at affordable rates and launched first variety of watermelon Karina King and they got awesome performance and good yields to the farmers and then as the time passed company brought new varieties in the market and it got excellent reviews and results in the field.
Today company has 150+ employees and selling near about 20+ tonnes of watermelon seeds as well other products like muskmelon, marigold and vegetables day by day company is setting benchmark in the industry and making farmers stronger by providing good guidance at farmers door step by company field officers and helping farmers to make higher profits.

Sagar Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Our Story

At Sagar Biotech Pvt Ltd, our mission is simple: to cultivate inspiration and growth, one seed at a time. We are committed to: Quality Excellence , Knowledge Sharing , Sustainability , Community Building.

Sagar Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Our Values

Sagar biotech private limited is one of the best seeds company in India

We use new technology for development of our seeds to make it more profitable for the farmers.

We deliver PAN india as well internationally with same day dispatch facility.

We have dealer friendly policy which is suitable for all the types dealers who are working in the field.

Why Choose US


Join the Sagar family for your best development and career in the field here we have team of experts for guidance wide range of product and good dealer network for target achievement, Shape your career with us and get your life enriched with the experience and success .

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There are many difficulties in farming, By using our quality product, guidance and their hardwork farmers have made success, lets see their opinion about us.

"Watermelon farming has been a game-changer for me. The sweet success of each harvest is not just rewarding, but it also offers a refreshing source of income. With proper care and guidance of Sagar Biotech Team, Sagar KIng watermelon farming is a juicy opportunity for agri-entrepreneurs. I'm thrilled to be a part of this thriving industry!"

"Shravani Cucumber farming has exceeded my expectations. The low initial investment, coupled with the high demand for this versatile vegetable, has given me a steady income. The short growth cycle ensures a quick return on investment, and the health benefits of cucumbers are an added bonus. It's a smart choice to grow Shravani cucumber for a profitable and sustainable agribusiness."

" The yields are consistently high, and the crop is relatively low-maintenance. It's not only profitable but also incredibly rewarding to see my Ridhma okra plants thriving. I highly recommend Ridhima okra farming to anyone looking for a reliable and lucrative agricultural venture."

"Muskmelon farming has been a truly rewarding experience for me. The sweet and juicy fruits have consistently brought smiles to my customers' faces, and the cultivation process has been surprisingly easy. I've enjoyed a bountiful harvest year after year, making Vijay muskmelon farming a profitable and delightful venture. I highly recommend Vijay muskmelon to anyone looking for a delicious and lucrative agricultural opportunity."

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