About Sagar Bio Tech

Nature of Business

We are an agriculture-based company, we are the producers of hybrid seeds, which deals in vegetables, Watermelon, and muskmelon seeds. We have our own parental line which helps us in developing new hybrids as well we have developed our own R&D which helps in developing new varieties as well improvements in current hybrids.

We are working in B2B as well B2C revenue model which helps us to promote ourselves to national level, we are having our own SKU’s in different locations around India which helps us in easy and timely distribution of the material, which helps us in timely delivery to dealers and customer which leads to growth in the business.

Our nature of business if agriculture industry on which 70% of the country is dependent, because of this we have great opportunities to place our product in the market, for that we have proper marketing, logistics, R&D, GOT & quality control teams to manage all the process of the seeds and produce a better quality of seeds which leads to better yield in low cost.

Research and development

Research and development (R&D) which a very important part of the seeds business which develops new hybrids and which decides the future of the company, for that purpose we have developed our own R&D for tye development instead of importing or purchasing from third parties which many companies were doing in the market. 

Our R&D is situated in different locations of India so that we develop the hybrids for Indian conditions and the resistance power of the hybrids is very good as compared to other companies hybrids, we also do the grow-out test(GOT) in 4 phases which are

1)Germinator machine
2)Room temperature
4) Field

4 phases of the GOT lead to identify non germinated seeds and lots so that we can supply proper and purely sorted material to market which is very important in the seeds business. Our R&D has a very good team of technicians who has the proper knowledge of seeds treatment, moisture percentage, seeds coating, Seeds vigor, and viability to grow which helps in healthy plant and good fruit setting which leads to higher yield. Our mission is to develop extraordinary hybrids for good yield.